Teasers play an important role on the Intranet Platform. They provide a visual insight into different, user-relevant content. Teasers ensure that content remains up to date and encourage users to further explore the site.

Single teasers consist of a headline, subline and copy. The order of these elements is not changeable. The image ratio is 16:9 and its width is variable between 1-3 columns. Headline and copy are limited to a maximum character size.

Classic Teaser element

This element is shown with teaser picture with ration of 16:9 and teaser title and teaser text.

Can be used on content sections (Article, Topic, OrgUnits etc.) and also on the sidebars.
    Video Teaser - can be used in content sections and sidebars
    Teaser lists

    Used in 

    • content section of all content pages
    • sidebar (accordion teaser, teaser list small, text links lists)
    Teaser List Box
    Teaser List Small
    Teaser List Wide content section
    Teaser List Wide Sidebar
    Link list with text link
    Link list with text link and download element
    Up to 5 teaser elements on the homepage (on all content pages a static picture is used.
    Other elements
    Newsfeed on content pages (location, topic/module, organizational units)
    Teaser Newsletter subscription