Images ratios

Images underline the corporate language emotionally. When used in Intranet, images should enhance the user experience because they express personal relevance, information, and delight. 

Sizes and ratios

Basically, there are two ratios for images in the content areas: 16:9 and 1:1. The exceptions are: Stage images which have a limited height in order to save vertical screen real estate.

Stage DesktopDesktop68:25952350
Content Image largeDesktop16:9904508
Teaser Newsfeed ContentDesktop1:1215215
Teaser StandardsDesktop16:9416234
Teaser ListenDesktop1:1100100
Business CardDesktop1:1155155
Stage MobileMobile68:25375138
Content MobileMobile16:9335188

Please note: All dimensions are given in pixels.