Icons and symbols

Universally comprehensible, easy and user friendly, icons and symbols are the visual expression of usability and utility. Icons and symbols greatly ease the usage of a website by making its interface intuitive. While each icon is visually distinctive, all of them should reflect a common - and brand-appropriate - style of concept and execution.

For the Continental corporate platform, the icon style is contemporary, friendly, flat, planar rather than linear, in isometric rather than realistic perspective and with as much reduction of detail as is compatible with easy comprehension.


Technical aspects

It is suggested to deploy icons, labels and other graphic user interface elements as SVGs. SVGs are continuously scalable. They can be part of the CSS code of Continental websites. This dispenses with the need to produce, maintain and download image files for icons or labels.


Interface areas

Users don’t like having to aim at interface elements. Setting up generous clicking / tapping areas around interface elements like links, buttons and icons contributes to a comfortable user experience.